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Round Boxes from GWD

Generally when people think of a box, they think of straight lines, right angles and congruent sides.It doesn’t have to be like that.Round boxes are a great alternative to the standard quadrilateral boxes for a number of reasons:

Something out of the daily round (boxes)

You’ll know better than anyone else how much competition there is in your industry, but we’re willing to bet that there’s quite a lot.

With that in mind, your packaging takes on more and more importance.  If your product is just in a standard gift box, it simply won’t be as attractive as another product in a more unusual box, and for that reason, round gift boxes are a perfect way to make your product stand out.

Chocolate Packaging, Gift Food Boxes and Hamper Boxes
Boxing clever for specific products

Boxing clever for specific products

At GWD, we find that there are specific products that tend to work particularly well with circular boxes.
Primarily, we make round boxes for chocolate, and we’ve found that the round boxes we produce allow a chocolate product to stand out really well.  There’s something about the circular that just makes it easier to share them around and circular gift boxes containing chocolates are very popular indeed.


Staying in the field of food, towards the end of the year, we tend to make a lot of round boxes for Christmas cakes and puddings.  Once again the circular box gives the product a real luxurious feel and because the Christmas cakes are often circular, they offer the product an element of bespoke snugness that exudes luxury and elegance.

Round boxes are not just for food though!

Despite their popularity in the food industry, we don’t just make round boxes for chocolates and cakes.  In fact, round boxes are often called ‘hat boxes’, and there are no prizes for guessing why that is!  We make round boxes to house a variety of different styles of hats; and there’s something really elegant about a made to measure box that houses a luxury hat.


We’re also often asked to make round boxes for wine and champagne – having the bottle boxed really adds a certain something to the product; particularly if it’s being given as a gift.

Round 'Hat' Boxes
Round 'Hat' Boxes

Add some edge to your promotion by taking the edges away

Using packaging to promote your product or service is something that we specialise in, and we’ve found that a round box is a perfect way to catch the eye of your prospective customers.  If the item you’re using for promotion is round too, then it tends to be even more effective!

Whatever your product is, we can make it stand out for you with a bespoke round box that meets your needs and sells your product.