Promotional Packaging

Promotional/ Influencer Packaging

Speciality promotional or corporate packaging is often used for business to business promotions, launch products, PR, marketing and advertising.

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As promotional items can form an important part of a corporate campaign, our presentation packaging design department will rise to the challenge that your idea or promotional product presents! A magnetic box may be one such idea (see magnetic boxes page).


GWD is a speciality promotional packaging manufacturer based in the UK. So, contact us with your concept or item and weʼll work with you, to your time frame and budget to create the best result.

Why use GWD?

With our specialist software, equipment, packaging design department and even hand assembly services, on offer is the creation of an unusually wide variety of bespoke boxes and packaging shapes, sizes and finishes for your corporate or promotional items.


As a UK-based packaging manufacturer, we can work closely with you and your graphic designers to achieve the perfect result for your items. We can make as few as just one single bespoke box for you – through to much larger quantities.


We also offer an invaluable sampling or mock-up service, to aid your bespoke creation process. Our cardboard engineers are waiting to assist with your promotional packaging needs.

Influencer packaging and promotional packaging

How Can We Best Help You?

Contact us by email or telephone.

Discuss your budget, time frame and requirements with us – GWD has promotional packaging solutions for you. Weʼre happy to quote for all your corporate packaging needs and will accommodate short notice requests whenever possible.