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Designers and manufacturers of Presentation Packaging

GWD was established in 1986 expanding and evolving into the presentation packaging design and manufacturing company it is today.

Gift Packaging

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In the world of gifts and retail, the packaging box can be a vital component in displaying the itemʼs value. Your gift product is special to you and it will be special to us, deserving the best in bespoke gift box packaging as the perfect finish to product development.

We specialise in packaging for gift food products, fashion accessories and floral packaging. Contact GWD now about your particular food or fashion product, floral packaging or gift idea and weʼll happily discuss box options with you, providing a quotation too. We can work to your bespoke gift box design or start from scratch, with sample mock-ups being available.

Floral industry

Here at GWD, assorted floral packaging and box shapes for the flower business are offered, including:

  • Bag box (or ʻgift bagʼ) made in folding box board, sometimes with a ribbon handle, used to hold upright floral arrangements
  • Rigid box eg for a single rose or a floral bouquet
  • Round hat box used for floral packaging

Thinking Outside the Box

Your options include:

  • Bespoke printing
  • Foil blocking
  • De-bossing
  • Embossing
  • Laminating
  • UV varnishing
  • Stock paper/coverings
  • Gift wrap papers
  • Magnetic closures
    (magnet box)

Gift Food industry

If you create a premium food item, let us create perfect gift packaging to present your luxury food item beautifully. An example would be for a specialist Fruit Cake, sold at high end retail outlets in a round gift box.

Tell us about your food product and letʼs discuss what the right packaging could do for it.

Gift Sets and Hamper Boxes

A luxury gift box or gift set can include collections of items including silver, china, cut glass.....thereʼs no limit. Recent GWD work has included a Royal collection of six spoons beautifully displayed with a bespoke magnet box (see magnet boxes page).

Gift packaging protects and displays the items at their best, adding to the customersʼ sense of luxury, value and worth.

Fashion Accessories

Thinking Inside the Box

Your options include:

  • Food safe coating
  • Vacform trays
  • Foam inserts
  • Coloured paper lining
  • Satin linings
  • Card inserts/platforms

GWD produce bespoke packaging for assorted high end fashion items which are sold in gift box presentation form, eg:

  • Handkerchiefs
  • Cufflinks
  • Shirts
  • Sweaters
  • Ties
  • Silk scarves

We also supply premium bespoke gift boxes for luxury footware, hats and other elegant fashion goods.

Did you know?

GWD have created boxes
for a prestigious client who
required individual boxes for
single roses, each with a
height of one metre. Thatʼs
one very long-stemmed

At GWD, we know that however good your product is, it’s going to be difficult to sell unless it’s packaged well.  The packaging is the first thing your customer will see, and you’ll know that a good first impression is crucial to the final buying decision.

With that in mind, why not consider packaging your product in a different shape; pewrhaps in a round box or a heart shaped box?  A unique and stylish shaped box will help your product to stand out and will give you a crucial advantage over your competition.  If a heart shaped box is too mushy for you, don’t worry, we are constantly using our cardboard engineering skills to construct boxes in all sorts of shapes, so if you’ve got an idea, give us a call!

Bespoke or Off-The-Shelf?

Whilst our cardboard engineers specialise in creating a luxury or bespoke box to suit you and your product or concept, GWD also has a range of off-the-shelf folding boxes for immediate use, including pillow packs, carry box options, cube cartons and star shaped boxes.

Download folding box price list >>
Download rigid box price list >>

Whether itʼs for gift, food, floral or fashion accessory packaging, let us know what you are looking for.

Now, How Can We Best Help You?

Contact GWD by email or telephone or use the Call Me Now button.

We will quote for your needs and accommodate short notice requests whenever possible.

Thinking Outside the Box

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