Magnetic Boxes

Magnetic Boxes

Boxes with magnetic closures

Magnetic Boxes

Magnetic Boxes from GWD

If you’re looking to add a touch of class to your presentation or promotional packaging, why not consider adding a magnetic closure to your box?  Magnetic boxes combine a sense of luxury with practicality, and can certainly add a certain je ne sais quoi to your packaging.

Magnetic boxes snap shut

Why get a Magnetic box?  Generally people opt for a magnetic closure due to the way the box snaps shut with very little effort from the user. When the magnets are installed effectively they aren’t glaringly obvious as they sit embedded in the cardboard and concealed under the paper or fabric wrap, and this adds a certain amount of intrigue to the box.  Having a box that snaps shut and stays shut is a great way to emphasise how classy your product is.


Although the main point of a magnetic box revolves around adding style and class to your product, there’s no denying that there’s something very pleasing about the ‘snap’ that occurs when you close the box.  We may not be able to explain where that pleasure comes from but let’s face it, we all get it.


Generally we make Magnetic boxes in two sections known as the tray and the binder. The tray is the primary piece of the box, and a magnet is embedded in the front panel of this box.  The binder then wraps around the tray, creating the lid and front flap, fitted with the corresponding magnet.

Magnetic Boxes
magnetic boxes

What could you use magnetic boxes for?

GWD have found magnetic boxes to be particularly effective for promotional and corporate work, as they add a certain stylishness that definitely assists you in promoting your product or service. We’ve also found magnetic boxes make great gift boxes. In the past we’ve made magnetic boxes for:

  • High end cosmetics
  • Product launches
  • System launches
  • Commemorative items
  • Wine and spirits

What sort of Magnetic boxes can GWD produce?

Quite simply we can pretty much produce any sort of Magnetic box you want.  Whether it’s a patterned box, printed box, bottle box, glossy or matte, we can use our cardboard engineering ability to make you something eye-catching and effective.

No minimum quantity, quotation on request.

Magnetic boxes