Gift Packaging

Presentation Gift Packaging and Packaging for Gift Sets

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Gift Packaging for your Corporate and Retail Requirements

In the world of gifts and retail packaging the gift box is a vital component. The packaging is the first thing your customer will see and an excellent impression is crucial to the final buying decision. The quality of the gift packaging is intrinsic to the product in suggesting the value of the contents:  if a customer recognizes the care and quality of the gift box packaging the implication is clear – the contents must be of high quality too. If the company cares so much about the presentation packaging then it naturally cares about the quality of its product. High quality gift packaging is the perfect finish to product development.


At GWD Ltd we specialise in packaging for gift food products, fashion accessories, cosmetics and floral packaging. We like to think that we are the premier gift box manufacturers in the UK.

Chocolate Packaging. Gift Food Boxes

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If you create a premium or luxury food item we can create the perfect gift packaging to present it beautifully. From chocolates or confectionery through cured meats and cakes, GWD are famous for their presentation packaging ideas, designs and final product. Here is a specialist round swivel box for serving cakes and sandwiches at a high-end café. We have been producing hamper boxes of all types since 1986. One of the more recent was for the High Street brand, ‘Lush’.

Gift Set Packaging and Hamper Boxes

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We have created bespoke gift set packaging for all manner of different products, including jewellery china and cut glass. We regularly produce packaging for a Royal collection of four spoons, beautifully displayed in a box with a window. Specialist gift packaging displays items at their best, adding to the customer’s sense of luxury, value and worth.

Floral Packaging

Flower Packaging and Round Boxes for Floral Gifts

We can provide many different options for floral packaging and box shapes for the floral industry including ‘Bag boxes’ (or ʻgift bagʼ) made in folding box board, sometimes with a ribbon or cord handle, used to hold upright floral arrangements, ‘Rigid boxes’ for a single flower or floral bouquet, or ‘Round Hat boxes’ used for floral packaging. GWD is one of only a very few companies capable of producing round boxes in the UK – for more details visit our round gift box page.

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Packaging for Clothing Fashion Accessories

GWD produce packaging solutions for assorted high-end fashion items, which are sold with gift box presentation. These include handkerchiefs, cufflinks, shirts, sweaters, ties, and scarfs. We have been commissioned on more than one occasion by Cornelia James, Royal Warrant Holder and glove maker to HRH The Queen, to produce specialist presentation boxes for their products. We continue to work with Cornelia James. We also supply premium bespoke gift boxes for luxury footwear, hats and other elegant fashion goods.

Packaging for Candles

We have designed and produced candle boxes for prestigious/world famous hotels and some of the world’s most acclaimed candle makers. Whatever your needs, whether you have a firm design in mind already or would like us to work with you to create the best specialist presentation packaging solution for your candles, we can guarantee you a box people will love to give or receive.

Flower Packaging and Round Boxes for Floral Gifts