Confectionery Packaging

Confectionery Packaging for Sweet Makers and Chocolatiers

Are you a confectionery manufacturer, wholesaler, importer, hotelier or own a restaurant? At GWD Ltd we have many clients who retail confectionery to the public or supply retailers or the hotel/restaurant business. Creating round or oval boxes  is a Speciality of ours but we provide unique chocolate boxes and packaging for sweets nationwide and abroad.


What are your Confectionery Packaging needs?

Does your new packaging need to be designed from scratch either a rigid or folding box? Perhaps you need a rigid box (from our range of over 60 shapes and sizes) using pre-cut, off-the-shelf card that can be assembled and wrapped to your specifications.

Shapes and Sizes

GWD offer chocolate boxes and other packaging in a variety of different shapes and sizes in order to suit your diverse needs. Particular shapes that we pride ourselves on producing include round and oval boxes.  These sort of shapes help your product to stand out from the crowd and we have the know how to deliver.


Whatever shape you require, GWD will do whatever we can to ensure that we meet your specific needs.  Whether you’re after a round box or an oval box, a single or double layer chocolate box or even a swivel box with separate and removable layers, GWD can tick the right box for you.

Round and Oval Rigid Boxes – A GWD Speciality

As UK manufacturers, we are rare in being able to create confectionery packaging in circular or oval shapes. The advantage to you in dealing with a British company is that you may order in lower numbers with shorter lead times – whereas Far East orders take longer and often require large runs.

So, whether you’re after something simple or complex, our cardboard engineers are more than capable of designing and constructing confectionery packaging that is perfect for your product.

Please contact us about your particular confectionery packaging needs and we will happily discuss options with you and provide a quotation.