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Presentation Packaging Manufacturers in the UK

Presentation Packaging to Enhance your Product’s Value and Appearance

Since 1986, GWD Ltd of Harlow, Essex has been manufacturing the highest-quality bespoke presentation packaging. We make presentation or promotional packaging and gift boxes from scratch around your product or concept, either to your specifications or designed on-site. Corporate or promotional packaging, and boxes for flowers and confectionery are speciality areas too.

How Can GWD Ltd Help Me?


Our creative, inventive gift packaging includes wide varieties of shapes and sizes of presentation packaging to suit the contents, whether its for corporate, gift, flower or confectionery industries. If you need round chocolate boxes, bespoke fan-shaped floral gift boxes for roses or animal-shaped creations for a corporate promotion, GWD can make them.


Some examples of external finishes we provide include: bespoke printing, foil blocking, embossing, de-bossing, laminating, UV varnishing, stock paper coverings, gift wrap papers and magnetic closures. Internally we offer: food safe coatings, foam inserts, coloured-paper lining, satin lining and card inserts and platforms. This list is not exhaustive – in fact we can address any packaging idea you or your designers may suggest.


Our in-house presentation packaging design department, can create most required bespoke shapes and sizes, from heart-shaped Valentine boxes to multi-drawered or layered confectionery boxes featuring swivel effects and magnetic closures.


GWD can work alongside your graphic designers, supplying packaging drawings for their design purposes. Sampling could also be a valuable part of your decision-making so mock-up gift boxes can be created for you.


There are no quantity restrictions with GWD Ltd. Our specialist plant and machinery can (and do) produce thousands of packaging products weekly. By the same token we are happy taking on commissions for a single item – Such as a box for the flowers given to HRH The Queen on the occasion of her 90th birthday.


GWD are not wholesalers: you are at source when you come to us. We distribute boxes all over the UK and abroad. As we are the packaging manufacturer, it gives us control over lead times. We will always try to work with your presentation packaging delivery requirements and know that sometimes this may include your rush jobs!

Although GWD has the option of a Far East facility if volumes and lead times allow, we are proud to manufacture presentation packaging and Speciality boxes in UK. The work is designed here with the vast majority of clientsʼ presentation packaging being created in Harlow, Essex. Advantages as a result, include, easy communication, quicker delivery, time-effective sampling and no minimum order requirement.

If you are looking for presentation packaging to enhance your brand or product, be it confectionery, promotional  or gift packaging , please contact us and we will happily discuss options with you and provide a quotation.